23rd to - 
30th September 


Tavri plateau,
white mountains

The Tribe 30 - 40 Men


the elders


Ondras Pribyla (CZ)

To be at my best, I need to get to the edge of my comfort zone, to get meaningful challenged. And plenty of these challenges are inside me: fears, shames, blind spots etc.

My passion and profession is leading seminars, where I support others in dealing with their challenges. The other passions? Complex systems (I studied theoretical physics)

chess, forest walks, Zen. And my dear wife and kids.

Stephan Seibert (D)

Fire and water, air and earth, here I am at home, feel joie de vivre and peace of life. I go for an opening awareness and consciousness, for myself and my participants. A communication internally and externally. The deep understanding of what we have learned in the past and first of all find acceptance for us and the opposite. From this process, find the clarity that we have the choice to shape our lives in harmony with our environment.


Georgios Tsitsirigkos (GR)

What fills my heart is connecting with life, forming a

circle around the fire and being touched by the earth and the sky, breathing and holding a space. I am a life long learner of freeing myself little by little and enjoying existence. My passion: Sharing in trainings through supporting and being supported, singing, dancing, holding the space for groups and individuals.

Frank Gaschler (D)

My most important need is aliveness. Sometimes I feel a lack of it within myself and I become stiff and narrow, even cold and dead. Sometimes I experience the fullness, then I sparkle with happiness and the joy of life. I'm driven by the desire to experience life! My passion: my family, training, playing.


the project



It was a long day. Some of us woke up early, when the sun sent his first light over the mountains and warmth came back on our skins. You could hear the goats from the valley and the smell of a cup of coffee was a good reason to leave the sleepingback. 30 men were starting to prepare the day together. Different languages, different backgrounds, different reasons to be here, but united in the idea of enjoying humanity.

Before the sun got too hot, we met in a circle to welcome the day and connect. We decided how we will spend the day - hiking, building, constructing, planting …

We did something together. Something meaningful. Something that let us forget all the eMails, to-do lists, agendas. Something that brought us in the present.

Now we are sitting around the fire. Sharing stories and listening to each other. Young men and old men. How do we live our manhood? What are our longings? How do we deal with our anger, instead of being the nice guys? Do I feel myself? Do I feel anything? What do I really need? What do we really need?

It was getting late, again. We were singing, laughing, playing, learning a greek dance, having some wine …

Now I am lying here - touched and humble - underneath the stars …


+ Nearest airports: Heraklion or Chania

+ Travel arrangements will be made from chania airport to the shelter

+ 4 certified trainers of NVC will be there to accompany you

+ We hope to have a gathering of 30 - 40 men from all over the world

+ English will be the language used

+ We will be living, hiking, working and processing together for 7 days

+ You can sleep in the house or bring your tent

+ In the house you will find showers, toilets, electricity, a kitchen and a fireplace - no wifi and poor mobile connection 

the venue

Shelter Tavri

The shelter of Tavri is located at an altitude of 1200m at the plateau of Tavri, by Askyfou. It can be accessed by walking 1:30 hours in the cypresswooded trail starting from village Ammoudari (or driving a 7.5km long dirt track). From this refuge you can walk to Kastro peak, cross Sfakiano or Kavi Gorges.

The shelter was built in 1992 and has modern facilities. It can accommodate 45 people in shared rooms and is available upon request from the Mountaineering Club of Chania ( The shelter is heated by fire, electrified by generator, watered by tap and there are toilets and showers.

Around the house, you find enough space to sleep underneeth the stars or to pitch a tent.

35°17'34.57“N,  24° 9'29.57"E

the prices

All prices include food (three vegetarian meals daily). 

According to your income and expenses, we have a range of different fees of organizers and facilitators.

Lets say, if you go to a restaurant for a meal and you usually spend less then 15€ and when you go for 6days holiday you’ll spend less than 600€ - we would like to give a contribution for this event of 430€.

If you spend 15-20€ for a meal and 600 - 800€ for holidays, please give us 640€.

If you spend 20-25 € for a meal and 800 - 1.000€ for holidays, please give us 780€.

If you spend more than 25€ for a meal and more than 1.000€ for holidays, please give us 990€.

If you need more informations about the prices, please contact the organizers.

Travel is not included!